Grow Group Connections

Grow Group Connections
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Wolf Creek Staff and Students CONNECT In GROW GROUPS

Our theme this year at WCES is #WCESConnect! It is our goal for all staff and students to feel connected with one another. Connections are made in a variety of different ways and happen each and every day throughout our school year. One event that helps us really connect is Grow Groups. We launched Grow Groups during the 2017-2018 school year. This year, we plan to make them even better!

Our first Grow Group of this year was held on Thursday September 27th. Wemixed up all of our students in order to build our groups. By doing this, all six grade levels were represented in each group. A faculty member wais assigned to lead each group. Students met kids from other grades, as well as staff members they may not spend time with every day.

Once we were grouped, we learned that the more we connect with others across our building, the stronger our school will be! Then we had the chance to get acquainted with the different members of our group. Students and staff were seen building get-to-know-you yarn webs, designing a group banner, creating a secret group signal, and doing a variety of other “connection” activities. All over the building, kids and adults were meeting new people and learning more about one another.

Kindergarten teacher Trudy Tilton explained that her group enjoyed voting on their group name and secret signal. She explained that their group had lots of good ideas, so it was hard to pick just one! Mrs. Tilton also commented that it was fun to see the older students step up and take on leadership roles with their younger group members. When her kindergartner students returned from their Grow Group time, they were excited about the connections they had made. One student even mentioned that they were in the same group as their older sibling! Mrs. Tilton said the kindergartners were excited to get to see other classrooms in the building and meet new friends! And, they were already asking when they get to do Grow Groups again.

We have good news for those kindergartners and all of our staff and students! Our groups will meet three more times this year. Our next group will be in November as we connect with gratitude!