Guess Who Mrs. Gazzano Is!

Guess Who Mrs. Gazzano Is!
Posted on 05/18/2018
Guess Who Mrs. Gazzano Is!
This fun idea started a few weeks ago when Mrs. Gazzano's students challenged her to get 100 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She told them she would do something out of the ordinary if they reached such an elite status. By the end of the day, her subscribers had jumped from 20 to 120 and is continuing to grow!

And the challenge began! Mrs. Gazzano began to hunt for wigs, mustaches and uni brows to help complete her costumes and came to school 5 different days dressed as a famous artist or a famous piece of artwork. 

Frida KahloAndy WorholSalvador DaliBob Ross
Frida Kahlo-Frida was a Mexican painter most recognized for her self-portraits, crown of flowers and her fabulous...uni brow. 
Andy Warhol-Andy was a Pop Artist. His artwork was full of bold colors, repetition and items used in our everyday life. One of his most famous pieces of art was the Campbell's soup can. 
Salvador Dali-Salvador AKA the original Salvy, was a Spanish Surrealist painter. His dreamlike artwork and pointed mustache made him a household name. 
Bob Ross-Bob was a drill sergeant before he became a painter. After his 20 years of service, he vowed never to yell again. His mellow voice and effortless talent landed him a hit show that can now be viewed on Netflix. Ross was known for his permed hair, happy little trees and beautiful landscapes. 

Jessica Gazzano started this YouTube channel as a teaching tool and a way to reach kiddos even if they were not in class with her. She hopes it continues to inspire and motivate them.  With her growing number of subscribers, her YouTube channel has become one of her most enjoyable hobbies! To visit her page, please go to:
Her YouTube channel is her name: Jessica Gazzano

To view more pictures of the artist with her students, please click on the following link to take you to WCES Photo Gallery: