Jumping in to Spring at WCES

Jumping in to Spring at WCES
Posted on 03/22/2019
Jumping in to Spring at WCES

Jumping in to Spring

The snow is melting (finally!), flowers are beginning to poke up through the soil, and the birds are chirping. It sure is starting to look and sound like spring. WCES students had the opportunity to participate in some spring learning throughout this first week of spring.

On Monday, third grade students participated in the Poppy Presentation. Ladies from the Spring Hill Auxiliary explained the history of the poppy flower. In 1915, poppies were found growing in the fields where World War I battles had recently been fought. This led to the poppy flower being adopted as a sign of remembrance and hope. After learning this history, third graders better understood why poppies are worn to show support for those serving in our Armed Forces, Veterans, and their families. Students created a timeline showing the history of poppies and begin designing a poster for the Poppy Poster Contest. No doubt third graders will be on the lookout for poppies this spring!

Second grade students also had a splash of spring learning as they explored three different animal habitats during the Wildlife Webs presentation from Ernie Miller Nature Center. The students viewed an owl, a toad, and a ferret. They spent time learning about the different animal food chains in these habitats. This presentation helped kick off the final second grade science unit on animal habitats, as well as get students excited about seeing animals out in nature.

Kindergarten students finished off this week of spring fun with representatives from Ernie Miller returning to WCES for some more animal lessons. Kinder students enjoyed participating in animal folktales and learning about animal body coverings by getting to touch a fox hide. Students observed live animals including a snake, a tarantula, and an owl. The presentation wrapped up a unit about the animal kingdom.

Each of these fun activities let students explore important concepts and helped all of us feel a bit closer to spring!