Principal and Assistant Principal for the Day

Principal and Assistant Principal for the Day
Posted on 05/09/2018
The girls at work.

Have you ever wished you could be the Principal or Assistant Principal for an entire day?  That is just what two young ladies wished for at the Wolf Creek PTO Bingo Night, and their wish came true!   Monday, May 7th , was quite a day for Miss Addie McConnell, a second grader, as she took on the role of Mrs. Hackney, principal at Wolf Creek, and for Miss Jayden Brown, a fourth grader,  as she took on the role of Mrs. Sly, assistant principal at WCES.

The day started with both girls doing the morning announcements in front of the entire Wolf Creek student body and staff.  The girls then moved on to checking out their schedules for the day and arranging their desks in the office. The day was filled with classroom walkthroughs, helping to get students started on MAP testing, programming the marque with new messages, birthday recognitions, safety walks, a fire drill, lunch duty and then getting to leave the school and go to Subway to enjoy an extra special lunch!  One of the last agenda items for the Principal and the Assistant Principal for the Day was to observe teachers in classrooms. Mrs. Hackney shared, “I was amazed at the insight  of both girls noticing what made each a great teacher and leaving a note for them to share those thoughts."

At the end of the day the girls wrote an article describing their day.     The girls were sad to leave their new positions and expressed how much they enjoyed their day. It wa a fun day for everyone involved.

Principal and Assistant Principal for the Day at Wolf Creek

 By:Miss.Brown and Miss.McConnell        

We have experienced how hard it is to be  like a principal you should appreciate them by smile in the hall, say thank you to them,wave at them. Now let’s think how they help us, making sure that we are safe like the fire drill ,ALICE drill they make sure that you are safe in your classroom,lunch duties,they walk around the building to make sure we are safe. Let’s think what they do every day,they get us condiments at lunch,they observe classrooms,morning announcements to tell us what’s happening,they help with Dibels testing,they help with dismissal,sometimes help with activities after school and in classrooms.That is mostly what the principal's do most of the day.

Have a great day