What's Happening in STEAM Class?

What's Happening in STEAM Class?
Posted on 03/13/2020
What's Happening in STEAM Class?

What's Happening in STEAM Class? Earlier this school year, we shared about a new specials class at WCES.  Wednesday’s STEAM special focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math has been packed full of engaging learning for students. Keep reading for a snapshot of some of this year’s exciting activities.


International Dot Day

Peter Reyolds wrote a book titled The Dot that encourages creativity.  We celebrated International Dot day by making digital dot creations. We used teamwork and problem solving skills to engineer paper chains using dot stickers. 


Space is a HUGE topic. With so many things to learn about, grade levels focused on different parts of space. Older students created scale models of the solar system. Younger students did a moonwalk obstacle course, made craters in moon sand, and engineered Lego rockets.


We demonstrated the rock cycle by making our own sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks using crayon shavings. We used pressure and heat from blow dryers to change our rock.


Students used several different coding robots to practice these critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Mixtures and Solutions

Students learned about the differences between mixtures and solutions. Then, they made some mixtures and solutions to create a calming bottle.

Snowflake Creations

With so much wild weather in January, it seemed only fitting to spend some time on the science of snow!  Students learned how snowflakes are formed and then used their art and engineering skills to create snowflakes out of a variety of materials.

Hearth Health

Exercise on STEAM day? You better believe it!  Students learned about resting heart rates. Then they participated in several different activities where they recorded and graphed their heart rate.  It was a very health-filled lesson!


Does it attract or repel?  That was the question during our Magnet week. Students did a variety of experiments with magnets.  The Magnet Kits were purchased with funds from a Spring Hill Education Foundation Grant. We enjoyed putting those kits to good use!

As you can see, this year has been FULL of lots of exciting activities and great learning. We are looking forward to the fourth quarter!