Kaitlin Shelton

Hello parents, family members, and students!

I can’t wait to get started with the 2017-2018 school year!  Here are some things you might be wondering about:

Class rules:

WCES follows four rules: RIDE!

R- Respect All
I- Include Everyone
D- Do the right thing
E- Engage your brain


Each student in our class has their own “my rewards card”.  It works similar to a rewards card at a business, there are ‘x’s on the card and if students are following classroom rules and procedures I will hole punch the ‘x’s.  Five ‘x’s punched in a row gets your student a prize from the prize box and filling up the whole card will get your student lunch in the room with a friend.  

We will also use a school-wide system of RIDE tickets.  These tickets can be given out to students who are showing the RIDE behaviors (listed above).  The RIDE tickets can be used as a form of “class bucks”, meaning they can redeem these tickets for prizes such as: shoes off for a day, lunch with a friend and a teacher, and bring a stuffed animal for a day.  Students get to pick how they want to spend their tickets and they can earn these anywhere in the school at any time of the day!  

You also might hear your student mention something called “Class Dojo”.  This is another way to reward and recognize your student for hard work using the Ipad.  Students get to pick out their own icon and then points will be given for behaviors such as being on task, showing respect in the hallway, helping others, and so on.  Class Dojo positive points are tallied daily and students can receive a punch on their punch card or extra reward for winning each day.  More than one student can win daily making this a great confidence booster!  You are welcome to check out the website here: http://www.classdojo.com/

Spirit sticks will also be used school-wide to recognize students for various activities and awards.  Spirit Sticks ™ are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on a lanyard, key ring, or backpack.  Spirit Stick incentives include: Red Ribbon Week activities, environmental awareness issues, attendance, birthday celebrations, volunteer achievements and more! 


Most nights your student will have math ‘study links’.  These are one page sheets that are aligned with the daily math lessons.  These are graded on completion.  We try to give the students time in class to finish study links on Fridays!  Students will also have reading logs due each month.  Here is some information about our reading logs:

Reading Calendar:

•300 minutes total for each month (Works out to about 75 minutes a week)

•Reading calendars are due by the 5th day of the following month to the classroom teacher (ex. The September calendar is due by October 5th.)

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