Reading Challenge


Dear Wolf Creek Readers,

You’ve heard the phrase “Dress for Success”, right? Well, this year in the library, we are learning that dressing for success means having the right accessories - a book and a reading goal! Successful people set reading goals and then READ!
If our Wranglers want to Dress for Success, we need to accessorize with some reading goals. These goals may look differently for each child. Some kids may want an adult to read to them. Others may want to read more independently. Some kids may want to try to read a certain number of pages or books from all different genres. We need everyone working together to achieve our reading goals this year!

Get ready! Set a Goal!
Discuss with your child what an appropriate reading goal might be for him/her for the month. How many books would they like to read (or be read to) this month? Do they want to read any certain types of books? Discuss the goal. Then, write it down on the form attached to this letter. And if their goal doesn’t fit with the form, feel free to turn it over and keep track on the back! You can keep track of minutes, pages, or whatever works for you.

Put your shoes to the ground and READ!
Find ways all month long just to READ! Read in the car on the way to sports practice. Read inside, outside, before bed, as a family. How many different ways can you find to read? Each time you read toward your goal, mark it on the goal sheet and celebrate getting closer to achieving your goal.

Top it off with reflection!
At the end of the month, look at the goal sheet. How did you do? If you didn’t meet your goal, how could you change it for next month? If you did meet your goal, how can you challenge yourself even more the next month? Return your sheet to school and receive a Reading Brag Tag just for working towards your goal. If you meet your goal, you will get your name up on our brag wall in front of the library.

Are you ready to Dress for Success by creating a reading goal and working towards it? Don’t forget to have a book with you wherever you go! Remember - the goal you make is YOUR goal. Can you meet your goal each month as you read, read, read?



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