Computer Websites

This is one of my favorite websites as it has MANY educational places. My favorite of the moment is World World.  This site practices many phonemic awareness skills we teach at the primary levels for reading.

This site is great for students to learn their basic ABC's. As well it has great beginning readers for each vowel sound. To the left on the page, there are 2 activities per book. Then you can read the book and to the right of the title there are more activities.

This website page is great for practicing basic sight words. Always have the student listen to the 'voiced' column first a couple of times. It is important that they verbalize the words as they see them pop up. This will help imprint the image within their memory. Then you can choose the different time options. The practice will get faster and faster. 


Click on Fry’s Most Frequently Read Words

 Groups A-F are at the top. I suggest starting on List A. Pick a list, they get harder and faster.

Groups are sub divided into lists.

Click on a Group (ex. Group A)

Then select one of the options:

Voice: lets the student hear the word

High/Medium/Low are the numbers of seconds per word without voice.

Final Check: is grouping some of the sub list back together.  This is a good place for the student to be checked for accuracy and speed.

Have the student listen to the words and touch each one and repeat the word out loud with the computer.  When they think they know the words move to each of the H/M/L list to practice the speed.

T.V. shows

PBS television has several great literature programs. In the Lions Den, Reading Rainbow and my favorite Word World are all good shows to help increase readngWord World actually does activities that we do daily with in our Kindergarten and First Grade rooms with phonemic awareness.



Leap Frog company produces a great video called The Letter Factory that is great for kids to watch over and over and over to learn letter names and sounds.