Library Media Center

Welcome to the Library

The WCES Library is a place where lots of great things are always happening! The goals of the library are for everyone to love reading and to learn how to use the available resources to become life-long learners! In the library, you can find the friendly face of Mrs. Preston, our Library Media Specialist. Check out the Meet the Librarian page to find out more about her!

What Books Do We Have?

This year, our school theme is SOAR. In the library, we will be focusing on Soaring Into Great Books! Check out the following link to find out more about our 14,000 books:

Library Schedule and Activities

Our library has a flexible schedule. This means that the library space and the librarian are available for a variety of different learning opportunities. In the library, students learn about reading skills, books, genres, authors, research and more. These learning opportunities may happen through games, cooperative learning, group work, research, and STEAM projects. Most importantly, students will locate great books to check out and read on their own.