Terrific Tech for Learning!

Do you like to read online or find great places to research?  Then we have some great resources for you!

Websites that offer Online Reading
There are MANY great places to find online books!  One of my favorites is Epic Books.  This has books of all levels (including chapter books!).  Some are audio (read to you) and some you can read yourself. Go to https://www.getepic.com/. A similar site is Vooks - https://www.vooks.com/. It also offers online reads. 

State Library Databases
This website offers several research sites for kids. But, they also have Scholastic BookFlix.  This has fiction and nonfiction books available for students to listen too.  Go to https://kslib.info/966/Research-for-Kids!

Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next
Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next are nonfiction databases that offer a variety of articles for students to read.  Pebble Go is mainly for students in grades K-3.  There are 5 databases to explore:  Animals/Dinosaurs, Science, Biographies, Social Studies, and Health.  Pebble Go Next is for 3rd-5th grade students.  It covers information on the 50 states, Science, American Indians, Social Studies and Biographies.  Students can access www.pebblego.com and www.pebblegonext.com from home anytime they would like!  Your teacher can provide the login information, or you can email [email protected] to find out more! 

Great Resources