Here is some information for volunteers. Click here to print the form: Volunteer page on website.docx

PTO meetings are held monthly at 6:30 in the Cafeteria. They will run for about an hour. Although we hope that you will volunteer for things throughout the year we know that everyone is busy. There are many things that require just a one-time donation or the ability to put together items at home in your spare time. Regardless of the time—all is very much appreciated!

Please contact us at [email protected]

Or find us on Facebook at Wolf Creek PTO


Are you interested in any of the following committees? Time per week is listed.

_____Book Fair- Set up and tear down of the book fair or help with sales at the fair

                -Volunteer hours range from 1-3 hours per book fair weeks (2 per year) during and after school hours


­­_____Fundraiser- Help with delivery day sorting and distribution of ordered products to families also could mean helping in the mornings collecting incentive tickets

                --Volunteer hours range from 1-5 hours during fundraiser week before and after school available

_____Label collections- sorting, counting, sending HyVee and box top labels

                --volunteer hours range from 1-3 hours per month. Pick up labels from school and process either at school or at home

_____Room Parent Lead—Organize and communicate with class parents in planning the Fall and Valentine’s Parties

                --volunteer hours range from 3-5 hours sending emails to parents and set up for parties (2 times per year)

_____Room Parent—help the room parent lead in gathering supplies and set up for the Fall and Valentine’s parties in classroom

                --volunteer hours range from 2-3 hours to help with set up for parties (2 times per year)

_____PTO Chefs-Contribute food for meals for conferences, teacher appreciation week, etc.

                --volunteer hours range from 1-2 hours with buying and bringing the food to the school and helping with set up or serving

_____Teacher Appreciation day- Assist in the set up, clean up, or events for the day

                --volunteer hours range from 1-2 hours for one day per year

____Staff Appreciation Week- Help organize and implement a variety of activities for the week

                --volunteer hours range from 1-5 hours depending on the activities 1 week per year