Information about the 2020-2021 School Year

Information about the 2020-2021 School Year
Posted on 08/21/2020
Information about the 2020-2021 School Year

Here is a place to find all the latest information for this school year.  We will keep adding new things so check back!  New information will be added to the top. 

UPDATED Dismissal Map

Welcome Video from your School Counselor 
Welcome Video from your Specials Teachers

Medication Drop Off

We did not have a lot of medications dropped off at our med drop off yesterday. If you are still needing to get medications to our school nurse, please reach out to Mrs. Dent at [email protected] and she will schedule an appointment with you.
In the morning we have more flexibility with our car loops and you can use the carline that works for your family. If you have 2nd and 3rd graders only, please consider using the south end doors for drop off. All breakfast eaters need to come in through the main front door. If this is clear as mud, feel free to reach out. We are happy to help. I’ll include the link to the map again for your reference.  
Clips vs. Lanyards
We have purchased clips for every child and staff member at WCES. We chose clips because we are reluctant to have things around children’s necks while they are playing. We will train our students to safely fold their mask and clip them so that the inside of their mask stays clean. We won’t be using lanyards for masks.

Visitors: Visitors to the school will be restricted. We have a contactless drop off in our foyer for those forgotten lunches etc. If you are checking out your child for an appointment, we will have you call our office at 913-592-7233 and we will bring your child out to your car. If you aren’t able to call from your car, you can come to the foyer and use the phone there. We will bring the checkout form out and fill it out for you with your permission. The reverse will happen if you need to bring a child late for some reason. Call us and we will come and make sure your child gets into the building safely. Watch Dog Dads and other events with families will resume when they are recommended.

Birthday Treats: We have developed a system where birthday treats can be ordered from the school with parents reimbursing a birthday fund. The cost for a class set of treats will be 6 or 7$. I’ll send you details on that once it’s nailed down.  Families will have the choice of a Crispy Treat, Oreos, or a colorful pencil to be provided by the school. If your child has a birthday soon and this is something you are interested in, contact Sandie Lancellotti at 592-7233. Of course, this is optional, but we will not be able to pass out treats from home at this time.

Water Bottles: We will not be using our drinking fountains at this time, but we do have water bottle fill stations in each pod so that students can refill their water bottles. (Thank you, PTO!) We recommend sending your child with a clean water bottle each day.

Masks: Masks will be worn by everyone in the building except when eating or socially distancing outside. We are hoping for nice fall weather because we will be looking for opportunities to get students outside for learning as well as play. We might go out for read aloud time or to independently complete a piece of work on a clipboard after a lesson in the classroom. We will provide clips for students to clip their masks to their shirt during recess, other outdoor times, and while eating lunch. 


Mask Resources:  We are developing a set of resources for us to share with students about wearing masks and the practices we will have in place when they return. Mrs. Marcum, our school counselor, and Mrs. Preston, our librarian, have already developed a schedule to get into the classrooms that first week to read social stories about new procedures. I know their reassuring presence will be welcomed by students and teachers as we adjust to masks and social distancing.  Below is a link to a graphic on our website if you would like some guidance on children wearing masks. (If the link doesn’t work for you, copy, paste it into your browser. That should do the trick.)