Soaring Into Learning: i-Ready and Fast Bridge!

Soaring In Our Learning: i-Ready and Fast Bridge!
Posted on 01/13/2022
Soaring In Our Learning: i-Ready and Fast Bridge!

Soaring In Our Learning with i-Ready Math and Fast Bridge!

We are halfway through this school year and we are SOARING in our learning! 

The Spring Hill School District adopted a new math curriculum called i-Ready Math. Students have been diving into this new curriculum and growing in their knowledge of math skills. These engaging lessons include hands-on games, higher order thinking, and opportunities for students to discuss their math reasoning. 

Teachers are also using a new assessment platform called Fast Bridge. This is a program that helps teachers assess students to determine how to target the appropriate instruction at the right time for each student. This single system includes both math and reading assessments. It includes a universal screener that all students take in the fall, winter, and spring. There are one-minute tests given by teachers, as well as computer adaptive assessments. Teachers enjoy using the new system because it is time efficient and gives beneficial data to both teachers and families. 

We are grateful to have such great resources to help all students SOAR in their learning.