Community Service Club

Community Service Club was created in the Fall of 2016. Roughly 140 students have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful club. The vision of Community Service Club is to help students understand the importance of helping others in need and learn the true meaning of generosity. We want to be a school that gives back to our community and makes a difference. 
Each month we are able to work on at least two projects so needless to say we have been busy serving others each month.
I would like to share some of the ways we have served Spring Hill and the surrounding areas. 
* Made placemats for Meals on Wheels for Miami and Johnson County.
* Made cards for Veterans and handed them out during our Veteran's Day Assembly.  
* Filled shoe boxes with candy, socks, crafts and toys for children who have a prolonged stay at Children's Mercy over the holidays. 
* Stuffed brand new socks with healthy snacks for the homeless population in Kansas City. 
* Made Valentine's Day cards for the local nursing homes. 
* Stuffed Easter Eggs with candy for the Ronald McDonald House. 
* Made special thank you cards for staff members.
*  Decorated pots and planted flowers to give to someone special in their lives.
* Cleaned up trash and pulled weeds on school property. 
* Donated canned goods to the Spring Hill Food Pantry from the Turkey Trot fun run.
I am truly amazed by the kindness WCES students continue to show and am so proud of their hard work and dedication to this club. I look forward to the future and the way we can continue to make a difference in small and big ways to better our community.